Production of Blokset low voltage switchgear in cooperation with Schneider Electric

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Product Description
  Product description
  Blokset low-voltage switchgear is our company's technical and business partner as Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd., introducing its technology and management system, and offering high-end products of international level to the Chinese market. It has circuit breaker technology and fixed installation. Technical, plug-in installation technology design. This device is suitable for low-voltage power distribution systems with AC 50Hz rated working voltage of 690V and below. As a variety of power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and power consumption control equipment, can be widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, building hotels, municipal construction and other low-voltage power distribution systems.
  The switchgear is fully compliant with GB7251.1, IEC60529 and 60947 standards.
  The Blokset low-voltage switchgear is a new integrated power distribution system that can be used at various capacity levels up to a maximum current rating of 6300A. It can be either fixed or drawer-mounted.
  According to Schneider's Masterpact MT, Compact, Multi, Telemecanique and other circuit breakers and components into functional units, with excellent technical performance, safe and reliable, reducing faults.
  The basic frame of the Blokset switchgear is assembled from standard prefabricated components. These components come in a variety of sizes and can be assembled into frames of different sizes. The Blokset series of switchgear cabinets can be combined with a wide range of depths and widths through a combination of basic and extended frames. Blokset's modular design allows the layout of the switchgear to match the configuration of the power distribution room. All modules are in quality consistent with Schneider's rated indicators and design specifications.
  Standard unit modules such as protection, operation, conversion and control can be formed separately for customers to choose and assemble. All high-quality Schneider switchgear guarantees long service life and high operational reliability.
  The isolation between the zones and the isolation between the incoming and outgoing lines of the functional units are used to effectively enhance the safety protection performance. Form 2, Form 3, up to form 4 internal isolation forms are available. The frame can be fitted with different covers depending on the degree of protection required.
  Light weight, high mechanical strength and assembly precision, and beautiful appearance.
  Normal use environmental conditions
  Ambient air temperature: 5 ° C ~ +40 ° C, the average temperature within 24 h must not exceed +35 ° C.
  Relative humidity: When the maximum temperature is +40 °C, the relative humidity should not exceed 50%. At lower temperatures, a larger relative humidity is allowed. For example, 90% at +20 °C, but considering the temperature change, it is possible The effect of condensation will be produced by chance.
  Indoor installation and use, the altitude does not exceed 2000 meters.
  The equipment is installed in a location free from explosion hazards, chemical corrosion and vibrations.
  Exceeding the above conditions of use, when the user has special requirements, it can be specially negotiated with the manufacturer.
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